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Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon Review

A review of a rare and expensive wine produced by the Screaming Eagle Winery in Napa Valley, California.

The 2005 Screaming Eagle cabernet sauvignon is a remarkable full bodied wine that connoisseurs will unquestionably enjoy. It’s made up of 98% cabernet sauvignon and 2% cabernet franc, a blend that works extremely well. The wine is exceptionally rare; only 400 cases were produced by the Screaming Eagle Winery. The American red wine hails from the Napa Valley region of California.

Screaming Eagle has gained cult status among wine lovers. Although it’s a very small winery, it has a strong reputation for producing amazing wines at high prices. Their wines are some of the most difficult to find in all of the country. The first aspect that drinkers note of the cabernet sauvignon is the wine’s beautiful deep purple color. The fruit of the wine has a sweetness with undertones of cinnamon and clove present as well. After the first whiff of the 2005 Screaming Eagle cabernet sauvignon, the taster will note a mineral pungency. A raspberry and mint scent will also come through as you smell the delicious red wine.

Punta Cana: Steal Away on a Budget-friendly Vacation

A blog entry for Orbitz promoting a vacation to the Dominican Republic.

An uncovered secret, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is no longer the hidden gem it was a few years ago (even though Christopher Columbus discovered it way back in 1492). And although growing in popularity, Punta Cana is still considered to be a best-value vacation destination compared to other Caribbean destinations. Everything that other islands offer in terms of hotels, amenities, activities, food and service can be found at Punta Cana hotels, but for less. Beyond value is the fact that the Dominican Republic is friendly, easily accessible by plane (8 international airports!), and inviting.

You’re sure to feel at home in the Dominican Republic; many Americans and Europeans have settled here, creating a bustling community of transplants that operate shops, restaurants, and tour companies. The local Dominican community is very embracing of tourists and wants to share their culture and tropical paradise with everyone they meet.

An Appraising Eye

A section of a newspaper article written for The Signal, a newspaper based in Santa Clara, California.

It looks like an antique, the owner says it is an antique, but how do you really know?  And how about Aunt Nellie's glassware you found up in the attic, will it fetch enough for a mortgage payment?  While one can get a good idea of market value of an item by looking on Ebay or visiting antique stores, if you really want to know if an item is authentic and what it is worth, your best bet is a professional appraiser.

And just as it may be difficult to establish weather or not something is an antique without guidance, it can also be difficult to determine if a so called "antiques appraiser," is in fact legitimate if you don't ask the right questions up front said Terry Sonntag of Terry D. Sonntag and Associates, Antique Appraisal Service. "A true professional appraiser is one that conforms to a professional standard," said Sonntag.  He added that when selecting an appraiser it is important to make sure you have chosen one who belongs to a professional appraisal organization, is not a buyer is disguise, does not accept items in exchange for an appraisal fee, does not base fees on a percentage of value of items and does not agree to produce a pre-determined value opinion.

Buy BP Stock Right Now or Not? Pros and Cons.

Blog content on British Petrolum stock for a professional financial trading blog produced by Lightspeed Financial, Inc.

July 6th, 2010 – There's a hilarious scene in the third season of the short-lived cable TV series "Arrested Development” where investment guru Jim Cramer (making a cameo as himself) upgrades the much maligned Bluth Company stock from "sell” to "don’t buy”—causing Bluth family members and shareholders to celebrate their good fortune. In a turn of events that would be funny if it weren't so pathetic, BP shareholders are celebrating the turn of an equally friendly card from the hands of the experts.

That in the midst of the greatest oil spill in history (the Mother of All Oil Spills, if you want) and a shockingly inept response to that disaster, financial analysts are still shouting “buy!” anytime anyone ever mentions BP stock says a lot about people’s faith in crude oil futures, no matter who’s responsible for drilling that oil out. Which is a comforting thought, really. But are the experts right? Is buying BP stock right now a good idea?

Sex and Gender in Buddhism

A scholarly article on Buddhist interpretations of the feminine and their historicity.

Since the origination of Buddhism in India some two and a half millennia ago, the religion has undergone some significant transformations. As with many large religions, its practitioners have split into smaller and more nuanced denominational camps, most notably grouped under as the Theravada or Mahayana traditions, and each of those has any number of smaller sub-groups with differing belief-systems and practices. But in its early days, this split between the Mahayana and the Theravada reflected a profound discomfort with what was perceived as a selfishness at work in Theravada practitioners, who sought their own enlightenment with little regard to the fate of others. The Mahayana, the so-called “greater path,” demanded that its practitioners work for the betterment of others, and as such it elevated the figure of the Bodhisattva over and above that of the Theravada Arhat, privileging compassion and assistance rather than final enlightenment and nirvana.

For this reason, the figure of the Bodhisattva is crucial to any understanding of the Mahayana tradition, and yet even this figure enjoys a certain dynamism, with different cultures and different traditions producing different ways of thinking about and imagining the Bodhisattva. No where is this more apparent than in the figure of Avalokiteshvara, also known as Avalokita, one of the most important early followers of the Buddha. It is Avalokiteshvara who is responsible for the Heart Sutra, one of the most fundamental texts in the entire Mahayana tradition, often considered the very essence of the Buddha's teachings. And yet, despite Avalokiteshvara's fame and standing in the Buddhist transformation, he undergoes one of the most fundamental changes in all of Buddhist belief: in China, Avalokiteshvara becomes transformed, given the form of a woman, and renamed Kuan-Yin. Kuan-Yin then becomes a popular (and often decisive) interpretation of Avalokiteshvara in other countries in the region (Japan being the best example).

Lap Dancing with the Stars?

An article produced for a TV News Website, tvrobot.com.

Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars has begun with much promise of celebrity talent, star effort, and famous judging compliments and cuts. The judges are the same, giving viewers a delightful balance of knowledgeable and dancer-supportive commentary and witty and campy and carping critique. And then there was Tucker Carlson…

Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli were in true form for episode one, and brought many a thoughtful and entertaining evaluation. And equally witty is the returning host, Tom Bergeron, who will pass off to the spokesperson backstage, Samantha Harris.Political pundit and MSNBC news anchorman Tucker Carlson danced with Elena Grineko to “Dancin’ in the Street.” Tucker, who looks like a cross between John Denver and the Bridges brothers, mad the performance delightful to watch, as he and Elena were playful and cute. They earned a pitifully low score of 12, however, from the judges.

It was more of a lap dance than a cha cha.

Pop teen idol Monique Coleman and partner Louis Van Amstel (who danced with Lisa Rinna last season) did a dance to “Baby Love, Monique’s sultry and satiny pink gown making for a stunning visual along with the fluid and passionate dancing. Bruno called Monique a dream girl in the making, one with great potential. Carrie Ann agreed, but added she needs make it more from the heart, while Len also agreed that the arms were gorgeous and the body positions lovely, but saying that the chemistry was not there, that “it had about as much romance as an autopsy.” The couple earned 19 out of 30 points.

What is Horsepower?

A fun article explaining the difference between horsepower and torque.

If one trusts the hordes of car commercials that spam the primetime television hours, Americans get behind the wheel in order to “Zoom Zoom,” hug tight curves, and accelerate quickly on desert straightaways. That few live near desert straightaways or S-curves that come complete with stunning vista matters not at all, for these car commercials sell power and control—the capacity for the modern car to eat up the open road like a powerful beast eviscerates its prey. Occasionally, these commercials flash up dashboard visuals of RPMs and impressive claims of horsepower, hoping to sway Americans to buy one particular automobile over another. Unfortunately, most Americans do not really understand how horsepower works, so the numbers function more as a rhetorical shorthand for “kick ass” than they do a helpful description of the vehicle's capacity. This brief article hopes to change that by explaining what horsepower is, how it works, and how it differs from torque.

First, we need to define horsepower and explain how it works as a unit of measurement. If a horse attempts to move an object bolted to the floor and fails, it does no “work” in a scientific sense, because nothing actually got done. If the horse moves one pound of goods one foot in the air in exactly one second, we can condense the description of that “work” as one foot pound per second, and we could predict that work would be done “at the rate of 60 foot pounds per minute.” That formula, which if done abstractly would read (distance)(weight)/(time), is the formula for horsepower, and as it turns out, horses are pretty damn strong, because the standard base unit of horsepower, the one that actually reflects what a horse can lift, stands in at a whopping 33,000 foot pounds per minute (Erjavec). Not too shabby.

Review of the M-Edge Guardian Case for the Amazon Kindle

An article for a website reviewing an enclosure for a popular ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle enthusiasts with a penchant for reading in the bathroom because that’s the only place they can find any peace and quiet can now extend their quality time by taking it to the tub. For a precious $79, you can slip your latest generation Kindle into the waterproof M-Edge Guardian Case and splish-splash to your heart’s content without fear of drowning your device.

The bathtub’s not the only place you can take this sucker, though. The Guardian Case is also ideal for the lake, the beach, the Jacuzzi or the pool. But since it’s not recommended for depths beyond a meter (that’s about three feet, or a yard, for those of us who actually had to ask) just make sure you don’t take it scuba diving.

Build and Design (Score 7/10)
The Guardian Case is a one-pound (17.1oz, actually) piece of molded plastic measuring 6.5 x 9 x 1 inches. The Kindle’s keyboard and navigation buttons are accessed through clear rubberized cutouts on the face of the Guardian that allow all the normal functionality of the device when it’s not encased. The Guardian Case is held closed by 4 secure latches that, when released, allow it to swing open to reveal a shallow cargo space outlined by a snug-fitting waterproof o-ring. Built for the latest generation 6” display Kindle, it offers a perfect fit. Once the latches are engaged, there’s absolutely no play and your Kindle’s held firmly in place. That said, there isn’t any room for interior shock absorption so my best recommendation is, if you’re going to drop it with the Kindle inside, drop it in the water – preferably sealed.

Embroidery Basics

A how-to article on basic embriodery for a craft website.

There’s something delightful about turning a blank canvas into a colourful, detailed image. It’s thrilling to browse embroidery patterns, choose a challenge, shop for colours and even amass embroidery supplies. So it is with learning embroidery basics, which even seasoned stitchers recall with joy.

Getting Started

Be comfortable, whether you sit in a comfy chair or at a kitchen table, use good lighting and take note of the following advice.

Hooping Fabric

  • Separate embroidery hoops (some by loosening a screw, others just by pulling apart).
  • Lay inside hoop down flat; place fabric over first hoop with outside of fabric facing you and space you will work in open space at centre of hoop.
  • Lay outside hoop on top, and gently press down until material is unwrinkled and taut. If hoop has a tightening device, tighten just to stopping point.

The Need for Speed is the Need For Classic Auto Insurance

A piece of advertising copy for a site selling auto insurance for classic cars.

"If everything seems under control," says Mario Andretti, "you're just not going fast enough."

Or maybe—if you're not the one known as the greatest race car driver of all time--you have an ample amount of classic auto insurance? You have enough classic auto insurance for your souped up, cherried out, modified hot rod classic to make you feel everything's under control?

You've worked hard and long for that beauty with its sleek lines, clean interior, bored out big block. You may have even done the restoring yourself. This means protecting your prized possession. Getting the best classic auto insurance, then, is a priority.

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